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1st Holy Communion Gift Basket

A perfect gift set for that special girl on a Glorious day!

Each set contains:
* Holy Communion prayer card,
* White one decade rosary,
* A layered 4" twisted boutique on a burlap bow with a silver oxidized Miraculous medal from Italy.
All  Bows designs are the copyright of Hair Bows 4 Life.

A to K Saints Bows

 A layered 4" grosgrain twisted boutique on a burlap bow.
Cheer-Dance style 7''  grosgrain ribbon bow.
A  4" single grosgrain pin-wheel bow style. 
A  4" layered grosgrain pin-wheel style bow.

Amelia Flower Ballet Shoes Bow

Amelia Flower ballet shoes bow.

Baptismal Infant Bow

A  Magnolia Pearl petite white flower on a 4" grosgrain twisted boutique bow with a silver oxidized tiny miraculous medal from Italy on satin elastic headband.


Baptismal Tiny Flower

Baptismal Tiny flower is made with a Magnolia Petite flower on petal flower with an oxidized medal of Miraculous medal on a satin elastic headband.


Blessed Mother Bows

A layered 4" grosgrain twisted boutique on a burlap bow with a silver oxidized Blessed Mother medal from Italy.
A layered 4" grosgrain pinwheel bows with a silver oxidized Blessed Mother medal from Italy.

Boutique Ballet Shoes

This is a 4' inch grosgrain ribbon boutique style with a pink/red ballet shoe flat-backed resin as the center.

Christmas Baby Jesus Bow

A Child is born, A King!




Christmas Birth of Jesus

These bows would be a lovely addition to any Christmas dress. 

Divine Mercy Bow





Red Korker White Dove Bow

Group Bow 10 or More

 A layered 4" grosgrain twisted boutique on a burlap bow.
A single 4" grosgrain boutique style bow.
 A 7" grosgrain cheer-dance style bow.
A 4" grosgrain layered pinwheel bow.
 A single grosgrain 4" pin-wheel style bow.
A korker  bow.

Holy Family

Holy Family bow is just perfect for the Christmas Season. There are plenty of options of bow style such as this one boutique single to layered pinwheel.


Holy Rosary Set

The Rosary Set includes:
* A Holy Rosary children's book
* One decade white rosary
*Miraculous prayer card
* A layered 4' grosgrain twisted boutique on burlap bow with Blessed Mother silver oxidized medal from Italy. 

L to Z Saint Bows

A layered 4' Boutique bow on a burlap bow.



A layered 4' pinwheel bow.




A single 4' pinwheel bow.


A Cheer-dance 7" grosgrain ribbon bow.



Lady Bugs




Our Lady of Guadalupe

Celebrate the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a sweet bow to honor our Lady!


Our Lady of Guadalupe Book & Bow Set

Perfect gift set for any sweet girl.

This book & bow set #1 includes:

A book by Father Lovasik on the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a prayer card and a bow with a silver oxidized medal made in Italy on any bow style of your choice.

This set is perfect for older girls about ages 8 and older with an amazing book by Josephine. 

You can read more about the book Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe (Encounter the Saints (14)). (This link is an Amazon Affiliate, therefore if you click on it and order anything from Amazon, we get a small advertising fee at no extra cost to you.)

This book & bow set # 2 includes:

Book, bow , and prayer card.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

Pink Rose

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