"A person's a person no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss


Need an unique fundraiser for your school, church, team, group or pro-life organization?
March for Life?
Our bow fundraiser is easy as 1,2,3 .   
1. Register your group for the fundraiser with at no extra cost.  We create an unique bow for your group such as pro-life bow, saint bow  or certain colors to go with your group and an unique code for your group. 
2. Spread the word. We  create a flyer with your fundraiser information and coupon code.
3. Send the buyers to our site. They fill up their carts and check out using your unique code(receiving free shipping) and we credit you the sales.
The results are priceless.

Your group , will receive 50% of the sales of the unique bow plus an extra 10% of sales of other items sold.

See how easy it is. You need no inventory.  We do all the work.
Together we strengthen the Culture of Life.
Please contact us at 302-367-5273 or at hairbows4life@gmail.com 

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